Sustainable Nutrition

Tailored Fitness

Complete Accountability

Straight-Forward, Trustworthy, & Science-Backed Coaching Programs

to Help YOU Transform Without Wasting Time, Energy, & Money on

Fad Diets or Dangerous Supplements!

- Hundreds of Client Transformations -

We help YOU transform

without wasting time, energy, & money on fad diets or dangerous supplements!

- Hundreds Of Clients Impacted -


We help people make small changes to live healthier lifestyles and get rid of excess body fat permanently.

This includes things beyond just health with a focus on happiness and living a well-rounded, balanced life.

3 Stranded Cord

Individualized Fitness

If I got you to do cartwheels, backflips, pick up cars, and puke after your probably won't want to do it again.

First, there’s no way I’m doing that and even if I did, there’s no way you can keep it up… right? EXACTLY. 

You need an exercise plan that is something you LOVE doing and something you can do forever. Does watching your favorite TV show feel like work?

OF COURSE NOT! Because you love it. That’s how it should be for exercise also. 

Something you love to do and you can do forever, just like watching your favorite TV show!

Consistency matters more than anything else in the long term.

Tailored Sustainable Nutrition

You need to be able to have a sustainable nutrition plan that makes room for the things you love and you need to be able to follow it on vacations and holidays. 

If I got you to eat only carrots and lettuce for the rest of your life? What are the chances that you’re going to stick to that? Zero, am I right? 

Sustainable and Flexible Nutrition. 

You’re looking to lose the weight and keep it off forever right?

Then Nutrition and Lifestyle change is going to be 90% of your transformation. 

For the nutrition part of the program we build a nutrition plan around your lifestyle and give you a structure on how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat to reach your goals!

Full Accountability

This is the glue that holds everything together. We all have days where we want to give up and give into our cravings. Days where the ice cream and chocolate are tempting. But the difference between those who stay on track and those who don’t is having a COACH. 

For our clients, each of our members is paired with a 1on1 Coach who communicates with them DAILY to keep them on track.

24/7 access to the coach. 

Your Coach is in your back pocket 24/7! You feel a wobble? What do you do? Talk to your coach! Need advice? What do you do? Talk to your coach. Want reassurance you’re doing it right? What do you do? Talk to your coach!

Your Coach available for you to reach out to daily to answer any questions to make sure you’re staying on plan.

"Generational health. My goal is to be able to help you

change your life so you can have a healthier

family for your spouse and kids."

"Generational health. My goal is to be able to help you change your life so you can have a healthier family for your spouse and kids."

- Kenny Gayoso -

- Kenny Gayoso -


- Aaron J. -

8 week transformation!

- Tara F. -

Lasting results for over 2 years already!

- Nick S. -

Lasting results for over a year now!

- Hundreds of Clients Impacted -


Coach Kenny, the heart of Elevate Wellness Online Coaching, brings over 20 years of expertise in health, nutrition, fitness, and habit formation. His vision inspired a dedicated team, making Elevate Wellness a hub of support and knowledge. With a focus on personalized guidance, Kenny and his team have helped over 200 clients achieve long-term, sustainable results. They harmonize daily routines with health goals, fostering lasting habits and positive change. Join Coach Kenny and Elevate Wellness to elevate your legacy of wellness and transform your life.


Kenny, affectionately known as Coach Kenny, is the cornerstone of Elevate Wellness Online Coaching. With over 20 years of seasoned experience in Health, Wellness, Personal Action, and Habit Coaching, he’s honed a distinct expertise in nurturing productive habit formation, ensuring Fitness Accountability, encouraging focused action, and guiding goal planning and achievement.

His enduring passion to better the lives of others led him to assemble a handpicked team of devoted coaches, forming a powerhouse of knowledge and support at Elevate Wellness Online Coaching. Together, they embody a commitment to helping you find a balanced rhythm in your day-to-day life, guiding you through the intricacies of habits, health, and wellness to enhance all areas of your life.

The collaborative ethos of Kenny and his team ensures a personalized journey for each client. They endeavor to clarify your goals, help you discover and develop your strengths, and strategize on deploying your newfound understanding towards health, wellness, and personal growth.

With every small but deliberate step you take, Coach Kenny alongside his team at Elevate Wellness Online Coaching, stands with you. They welcome individuals from all walks of life to join them in taking actionable steps, building sustainable habits, and fostering a monumental positive impact in their lives.


Excellence, Integrity, Team Work, Communication, Growth

Our coaches are passionate guides, known for their infectious enthusiasm and dedicated support, inspiring clients to embrace healthier routines, habits, and lifestyle choices with personalized nutrition and fitness strategies!


Coach Taryn is a highly experienced Mindset & Clarity Health Coach who offers a unique approach to help you achieve your health goals and transform your life. With Taryn as your guide, you'll not only gain the clarity, motivation, and practical tools you need but also finally break free from old habits and create a healthier, more vibrant life.

Taryn's approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods. She understands that true health isn't solely about deprivation, following strict diets, or engaging in intense exercise routines; it's about seeing the bigger picture and nurturing your mindset and finding balance and joy in your everyday life.

Whether you're struggling with weight management, stress management, or simply want to improve your overall well-being, Taryn goes beyond quick fixes, providing you with the tools and strategies to develop sustainable habits, cultivate a positive mindset, and find true fulfillment in your health journey.


Introducing Coach Isaac – a native of Maryland and Dallas transplant. He has been a game-changing Professional Health Coach with an unrivaled track record! With over a decade of expertise in health and wellness, Coach Isaac possesses years of coaching experience with athletes, corporate executives, as well as busy moms and dads. While living in his home state of Maryland, Coach Isaac worked alongside some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the DMV area which allowed him to compound on his skills. Coach Isaac brings an exhilarating twist to the table; former Division 1 football athlete turned health guru; his personal growth, inspiring leadership, and life-altering transformations are legendary. Ignited and inspired by his experience playing and training alongside athletes who have gone on to become current household names in the MLB, NFL, and USFL, Coach Isaac knows not everyone can play at the professional level but he has an unyielding desire to fuel the professional in each of his clients to optimal health and wellness! Coach Isaac champions achieving healthy alignment between mind, body, and spirit through his unique style of coaching. What sets Coach Isaac apart is his commitment to results, coupled with loyalty to his clients' success. His approach is tailored by his experience as an athlete alongside personal habits that have yielded his results. His ultimate mission? To empower YOU to conquer your health aspirations, whether those entails shedding pounds, elevating energy levels, mastering stress management, or mindset mastery.

Unleash Your Untapped Potential! Step into a world where creativity and innovation collide, with Coach Isaac by your side.


Excellence, Integrity, Team Work, Communication, Growth

Our coaches are passionate guides, known for their infectious enthusiasm and dedicated support, inspiring clients to embrace healthier routines, habits, and lifestyle choices with personalized nutrition and fitness strategies!


Empower your health journey with Coach Taryn, the seasoned Mindset & Clarity Health Coach. She combines motivation, strategy, and mindset to help you break free from old habits and adopt sustainable practices for weight loss, stress management, and overall well-being. Taryn's balanced approach prioritizes joy over deprivation and strenuous routines, ensuring your path to vibrant living is both lasting and fulfilling.


Meet Coach Isaac, from Maryland to Dallas, a Professional Health Coach with 10 years of expertise. Former Division 1 football player turned wellness guru, he brings elite sports training to clients of all levels. Isaac inspires transformations with a holistic approach—melding mind, body, and spirit, tailored to you. He's committed to sustainable growth, not just quick wins. Join him to revolutionize your health, from shedding pounds to conquering stress. Discover your best self with Coach Isaac. It's time for lasting results and new beginnings.

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